How to Catch Koi

Have you thought to yourself how to catch koi after you watched these beautiful fish in the community ponds? Do you want to learn how to catch Koi? They are intelligent and skittish fish as they try to evade predators. Skill, patience, and determination are required to catch this ornamental fish. In this article, we discuss how to catch this beautiful ornamental fish called Koi.

History of Koi

Koi was first discovered by Chinese fishermen back in the 1600s. Because of its bright colors and size, koi was highly revered in the Asian world.

Koi became more popular in Asia and it was bred on a large scale by the Japanese. One key result of the breeding was koi with many more colors.  Then in the 1900s, European and the United States started large-scale breeding of koi, eventually becoming popular worldwide. The 1920s and 1930s saw a big boom in koi production, and this has not stopped since then.

Understanding Behavior of  Koi

Understanding the behavior of koi helps be successful fishing them. It is a brightly colored fish that can easily be seen in the water, even muddy waters. Hence, they are very skittish and intelligent as they try to avoid predators.

However, many koi have become accustomed to the attentions of humans as they are mainly found in community pools where they are fed.

They relate the sight of humans to feeding time and that will explain how they will come swimming to you after they see you. This behavior of koi trusting humans makes it easy to fish for those that have been dumped in the ponds and lakes.

  1. Baiting

    One of the popular ways anglers use to catch koi is baiting. Anglers use earthworms, bread dough, blood baits, corn, hot dogs, and stink bats as baits when fishing for koi.

  2. Fly Fishing

    Fly fishing is also used when fishing for koi. Anglers will cast their lines with the flies and leave some slack on the line. Then set the hook and hold the line firmly when it starts to tighten.

    Fly fishing is a more refined fishing method that is used by more experienced anglers as they cast flies and retrieve them. This is done continually until a fish is hooked.

    Koi will put up a serious fight when caught and the slack will help keep the koi on the line. Pellet flies, bread flies, algae flies, moss flies, and glo bug areas are used when fishing for koi.

  3. Chumming

    Chumming is another fishing method that is used when fishing for koi. In the community ponds and lakes, you will usually see kids and other families feeding the koi with food pellets and sometimes bread. This is chumming as the bait that is dropped into the ponds and lakes will attract koi.

    It is always a dash for the food as there are many more koi than the food items dropped into the ponds. This is chumming and it is used to attract koi. When they are attracted to the food items, you can then drop your bait and hook them up.

    Chumming is a popular fishing technique used by many anglers to attract fish closer to their location. It is effective when you just can’t find the fish and attract them to you with your bait. If all fails, anglers will resort to chumming to attract fish.
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              Koi fish is an intelligent and skittish fish that tries to avoid predators. They are brightly colored which makes them an easy target even if the waters are muddy. Unfortunately, they have gotten used to humans by feeding them in community pools. This makes them an easy target for some anglers. In this article, we discussed techniques to fish for koi.


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