The best camera apps for Android in 2022

The cameras on phones are now a big selling point. Producers want to make their cameras more reliable, better at working in low light and have more features that people want. Many clients will make their choice based on how good the camera is. So, cameras have become an important part of modern mobile devices as well as browsers for checking out online casino.

Because of this, native camera apps often do better than third-party ones. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) usually know more about how to make their camera settings work best and are better at it. Artificial intelligence and other software improvements to camera technology are very helpful for Google, Samsung, and Huawei, which all make smartphones. Still, there are times when it might be a good idea to use software from a third party. These are the best Android camera apps.

Last but not least, remember that even the newest versions of Android may still require you to use the stock camera app. Just some food for thought.

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Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is not a camera app. Instead, it is used to edit photos. It does have a camera app already on it, though. The camera is good because it has features that make it stand out, such as high dynamic range (HDR), raw compatibility, and a variety of shooting modes and presets. It also has a standard set of options for manual elements of photography. Adobe Lightroom is one of the best photo editing apps for mobile devices right now. It lets you take a picture with your phone’s camera app and import it right away.

Camera FV-5

The FV-5 camera was taken off the list because there was nothing new to say about it. But it looks like FGAE had more to say on the topic. The latest model of Camera FV-5 is very reliable. There are a lot of manual settings on the camera, as well as exposure bracketing and other features like a timer. There are too many parts to fit into such a short summary. The program is often updated like, and at the time of this writing, it costs $3.95. The only problem is that some phones don’t seem to work well with this one. If you think yours is one of them, give it a fair trial within the time you have to get a refund.


Cymera is a well-known camera app that has been around for a long time. It cares more about what the people as a whole want. Expect a lot of ways to change things, like filters, stickers, and effects. The camera also has a “beauty mode.” Changes can be made to the body and face. We are aware, though, that such big changes may be important to some people in a big way. You also get a simple photo editor for your own use. You can get it for free. The app can be used to buy more content. 

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