Why Digital Nomads Rely on VPNs for Work and Play

Digital nomads travel around with their laptops and often need to rely on public wi-fi networks. On the other hand, they may face various challenges, such as being unable to use some online services at specific locations. 

That’s why they often use VPN to mask their current location and IP address, and use every website with no restrictions. Finding a nice VPN can be a challenge, but ipinvisible is one of the most convenient solutions as confirmed by many digital nomads.

But why would they rely on VPNs so much? Here are the reasons:

1. Security

Public wi-fi networks aren’t always secure. They’re great for hackers who want to access someone’s files. Your VPN creates a protective tunnel that hides your precious data from them, including the sensitive information you may work with.

2. Privacy

VPN hides your online activity, so anyone snooping on the network won’t be able to see what you’re doing. That way, your digital footprint is protected, and you won’t be tracked. Many choose to use a VPN when they need to work with confidential information or risky content that shouldn’t ever be leaked online.

3. Geo-Restrictions

Some websites or streaming services may be restricted to specific locations. With a VPN, you can virtually connect to a server in a different country and access the contents you are interested in. Geo-restrictions are a real problem, and VPNs indeed help avoid them, especially when working remotely.

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4. Avoiding Censorship

Sometimes, some countries ban specific online services, websites, and streaming platforms. That means the citizens aren’t able to access their favorite content online just because they live in a country that enjoys censorship. So, these people often use VPN to access specific websites with no limitations at all. 

5. VoIP Unblocking

Some countries restrict the use of VoIP services like Skype or WhatsApp for calls. A good VPN can help you avoid those restrictions and connect with the people you love. Use a proven VPN service that won’t cause further problems, and you will be able to use any voice call service freely.

7. Bandwidth Throttling

Some internet providers restrict specific types of content, probably for a good reason. Most of the time that would be done on some streaming video platform. A VPN can help bypass this throttling by hiding your online activity from your ISP.

How Digital Nomads Benefit From VPN?

As described above, a VPN, or a virtual private network, hides the real location, so the person can access specific online services. For example, if they’re from Australia but now in Europe, some online services may not work the same as at home.

A VPN lets them choose Australia as their current location and access all the online services they need to complete their daily tasks as digital nomads.

Even though it’s not a must – you’ll probably benefit from having a VPN if you travel often. It’s on you to find the right and most convenient solution and use it fairly because there are still people who misuse VPNs to access content they shouldn’t.

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