Yesbackpage: How to Protect the Young Ones from Erotic Content on the Internet

A wise man once said the internet offers a lot, but the choice is yours. The internet is a broad field that contains almost any content ranging from valuable to sexual content. 

There are no restrictions on navigation the web. Anyone can surf the net anytime and anywhere. Over the recent years, cyberspace usage has been increasing as there are a million users worldwide.

One section of internet users today is the youngsters. These are people you may not know what to look for on the web. They are curious, and their curiosity may lead them to search for content that can be harmful to them. 

Parents should scrutinize what young people are surfing. This can be done through. You can also do your research and learn about just to get an idea of some of the contents on such sites.

  1. Dialogue.

Erotic content on the internet can be valuable to adults, but we ought to be careful when it comes to young ones. The best way to protect youngsters from sexual content like pornography or dating sites like yesbackpage is through having a conversation.

Curiosity killed the cat. Many children are always curious and want to explore new things. This can lead them to search for an incompetent piece of information.

It is wise to talk frankly about erotic content on the web with your kids. Let them know that his type of content exists but is not helpful to them at a particular age. Explain to them the impacts of watching or reading such content on their life. Emphasize the adverse effects that bizarre sites can bring about.

Many parents avoid having conversations about pornography or related topics with their young ones. To shield your kids from erotic content on the internet, you have to talk about uncomfortable matters to protect them. 

Shed some light on everything openly and honestly. Keep in mind children will always ask a bunch of questions. Please make sure you answer them accordingly.  Read here for more 

2. Filtering.

Another hedge against erotic content on the web by youngsters is by filtering what they watch or read on the internet. Besides having open and honest erotic content in cyberspace, you have to put measures physically to protect them. 

One of the most effective and efficient ways of shielding them from any information is filtering data they can access.

Kids can put their hands on hardcore information out of curiosity if they are no limitations. Studies have established that most unintentionally exposed data are viewed at home. For excellent output, filtering what the kids can access on the net should be done when they are little. As they grow up, they have a backbone of a viable piece of information that polishes their accountability.

Installing filters in the devices at home does not require rocket science. It is a straightforward process that anyone at home can do. However, you can contact your tech team to give you a helping hand. 

You cannot always be home or around the kids. Installing filters is a unique way of protecting kids from erotic content, even if you are far away. 

3. Setting Family Rules.

Another viable way to help you protect the youngsters from erotic information on the web is coming up with family rules. Many kids obey family rules because of the repercussions of breaking set rules. Setting rules on the usage of devices at home can significantly help hedge children from erotic data.

One rule you can propose is that all devices are turned at a particular time. For instance, you can recommend that all devices used by the kids be switched by 7 pm. 

You can also inhibit the use of gadgets like smartphones and laptops in the bedroom as the kids can be moved in searching for such content in private. All the devices should be utilized in the living room.

Ensure there is punishment when the kids go against the set family rules. This can be taking the devices for some time or grounding them. Click here for more insights.


There is a need to protect the young ones from erotic information from the internet. This piece of information can have adverse effects on young minds. We ought to shield them from any information broadcasted on the internet. The above-discussed factors are well-explained points to help you achieve this swiftly at home.

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